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National Mental Health Court Summit
July 13 - 15, 2016


Saving Lives and Communities

Collaborative Change Through Mental Health Courts

Reshaping the way we deal with mental illness in the judicial system

A nationwide crisis in the news and in our court systems:
What are we doing about it?
The National Mental Health Court Summit is specifically dedicated to education and training in the creation, organization, operation, and function of mental health court programs. This gathering of professionals is designed to bring together a collaboration of mental health, court, and allied legal, social, and criminal justice professionals from across the country in a unique fellowship of learning, featuring renowned keynote speakers, a broad diversity of presentations focusing on practical application, interactive training, on-line presentation materials, and CLE/CJE/CEU accreditation.

Taking action:
Through this collaborative summit, participants will learn how to:

  • Design and initiate a mental health court program
  • Develop and implement an effective interdisciplinary mental health court team
  • Create community partnerships for mental health court support
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a mental health court program
  • Employ incentives and sanctions in mental health court programs
  • Organize and establish a Forensic Assertive Community Treatment team
  • Incorporate a peer mentoring system into the mental health court program

Creating solutions:
Through a series of interactive work sessions, trainers will provide:

  • Expertise in the development and operation of mental health court programs
  • Demonstration of tools and strategies in working with mentally ill offenders
  • Conceptual and philosophical frameworks for program advancement
  • Practical methods for achieving program compliance
  • Specific procedures for conducting mental health court status hearings
  • Detailed approaches to judicial interviewing
  • Comprehensive information on roles and functions of mental health court teams



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